Seeking opinions on github info to list

We've been running for a while with mirroring of all opening and closing
of issues and PRs to the mailing list.

This will often constitute a majority of the list traffic, and we've had
people comment that it is "too much".

We still think it's important that the whole WG gets information on
what's happening in github, so that we don't run the risk that decisions
will be apparently taken without proper WG input.

One option we're considering is to consolidate all the github info into
a digest, sent either every day or every week, so that the list doesn't
get as many messages.

What do people think about that, and how often do you think that it
should be sent?

- Every message (as today)

- Every day

- Every week

- Some other interval?

And - do people know of software that can do this automatically already?

Harald, chair hat on

Received on Thursday, 27 October 2016 10:58:17 UTC