[webrtc-pc] sender.setParameters(): Changing simulcast parameters?

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== sender.setParameters():  Changing simulcast parameters? ==
Section 5.2 says: 

setParameters does not cause SDP renegotiation and can only be used to
 change what the media stack is sending or receiving within the 
envelope negotiated by Offer/Answer. The attributes in the 
RTCRtpParameters dictionary are designed to not enable this, so 
attributes like ssrc that cannot be changed are read only. 

[BA] This is reasonable as far as it goes.  However, parameters 
relevant to simulcast (e.g. maxFramerate, scaleResolutionDownBy, etc.)
 are listed as read/write and in addition, it is possible that 
setParameters() could be used to change things like the number of 
encodings to be sent. 

Could changes like that be judged to be "outside the envelope 
negotiated by Offer/Answer"?

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