[webrtc-pc] Merged Pull Request: Revise the rules of the negotiation-needed flag for transceivers.

alvestrand has just merged taylor-b's pull request 913 for 

== Revise the rules of the negotiation-needed flag for transceivers. 
Addresses issue #803.

Besides just revising the negotiation-needed sections to deal with
transceivers instead of tracks, this commit makes the following
improvements relevant to the negotiation-needed flag:

- Use an internal slot to represent the flag.
- Only update the flag when applying an answer, or modifying the
  PeerConnection in the "stable" signaling state. *Not* when creating 
- Instead of directly firing the negotiationneeded event when applying
  answer, queue a task to check the flag again and then fire it (which
  is how it's normally fired).
- More thoroughly specify the steps for updating the 
  flag, and the criteria for determining if negotiation is needed.
- Reference these steps in every method where the negotiation-needed
  flag may possibly be updated.
- Remove text talking about RtpReceivers allowing the application to
  control the receipt of media, requiring negotiation. There's no 
  on RtpReceiver that does anything but provide information to the

See https://github.com/w3c/webrtc-pc/pull/913

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