[webrtc-pc] Does RTCRtpReceiver.track.stop() reject the track?

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== Does RTCRtpReceiver.track.stop() reject the track? ==
In [**5.1.1 Processing Remote 
 it says _Rejection of incoming MediaStreamTrack objects can be done 
by the application, after receiving the track, by stopping it._

It doesn't define _Rejection_, but I'll just assume for now it 
involves talking to the RTCPeerConnection.

However, [pull request 662](https://github.com/w3c/webrtc-pc/pull/662)
 added the text _Since `track.stop()` does not implicitly call 
`RTCRtpReceiver.stop()`, Receiver Reports continue to be sent._ which 
indicates that no rejection takes place on track.stop(), but rather on

Though there is no `RTCRtpReceiver.stop()`, so I'll assume for now 
that it refers to `RTCRtpTransceiver.stop()`, but that again makes it 
even less clear.

I need clarification on what stopping a received MediaStreamTrack 
does, and how one rejects a received track.

These questions came up while implementing `MediaStreamTrack.stop()` 
for received tracks in Firefox. See [bug 

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