Re: Dropping SDP-specific errors

Den 28. jan. 2016 23:08, skrev Martin Thomson:
> On 29 January 2016 at 08:58, Adam Roach <> wrote:
>> In fact, we do one better right now (in both spec and implementation): SDP
>> errors in Set{Local,Remote}Description cause the returned promise to be
>> rejected with an InvalidSessionDescriptionError. In Firefox, we set the
>> message field of this error to include details regarding the SDP failure,
>> including (if memory serves) line numbers.
> Yes, I think that is a perfectly fine answer (and yes, we do capture
> line numbers).

we have a general principle that we shouldn't encourage developers to
write code that parses messages, but in practice, I suspect that the
only time developers can make use of the line numbers is during
debugging, and at that time, messages are fine.

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