How to signal loss of consent freshness


when implementing STUN consent freshness per RFC 7675 in Firefox I failed to locate any spec or draft which explains how to signal a loss of consent from the ICE stack up through the JS API’s.

As the ICE Connection State is pretty much the only way to communicate back up I’m currently planing to switch the state to ‘disconnected’ when a single component fails the 30s timer from 7675 (or the remote side revokes consent).
The other option I see is to switch the ICE Connection State to ‘disconnected’ immediately when any of the consent freshness STUN transactions times out (and switch it back to ‘connected’ after receiving a late response or response to a subsequent try) and then switch to ‘failed’ once the 30s timer pops.

Should I open an issue against the webrtc-pc spec on that?

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  Nils Ohlmeier

Received on Thursday, 18 February 2016 20:21:49 UTC