Re: maxHeight and maxWidth

On 2/12/16 06:59, Stefan HÃ¥kansson LK wrote:
> We also need to clarify what would happen if both maxWidth/Height and
> scaleResolutionBy are set (and are contradicting in some way).

Sure, but I think this is easy. There are really only a handful of 
options here, and I would argue that all but one of them are either 
nonsense or unnecessarily antagonistic to developers.

 1. If in conflict, do something punitive, like ignoring both,
    generating an error, or discarding the stream.
 2. If in conflict, scaleResolutionDownBy wins
 3. If in conflict, max{Height,Width} wins

#1 makes things unnecessarily difficult for developers.

#2 amounts to "ignore max{Height,Width} when scaleResolutionDownBy is 
set", which applications can simulate themselves by not setting 

#3 can be used to satisfy the pretty sensible restriction of "I'd like 
this stream to be half the size of the main stream, but it should under 
no circumstances be taller than 320 pixels."


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