[webrtc-pc] Unit missing for maxPacketLifeTime

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== Unit missing for maxPacketLifeTime ==
There's no information about the unit for `maxPacketLifetime` in 

> Limits the time during which the channel will transmit or retransmit
 data if not acknowledged. This value may be clamped if it exceeds the
 maximum value supported by the user agent.

For reference, the attribute description of 
`RTCDataChannel.maxPacketLifetime` is more precise and contains the 

> The maxPacketLifeTime attribute returns the length of the time 
window (in milliseconds) during which transmissions and 
retransmissions may occur in unreliable mode, or null if unset. The 
attribute must be initialized to null by default and must return the 
value to which it was set when the RTCDataChannel was created.

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