New webrtc-pc Editor's draft (v20161219)


A new dated version of the Editors' draft is available.

Dated version:
Living document:

Changes include:

    [#899] Make stats MTI, remove overlap with stats spec
    [#920] Remove ICE Agent text from RTCPeerConnection due to the new
RTCICETransport objects.
    [#937] Define what happens when transceiver.stop() is called.
    [#938] Define what happens when setDirection() is called.
    [#939] Remove "stopped" from removeTrack() and immediately stop sender.
    [#940] Remove "stopped" from close, insertDTMF, and replaceTrack.
    [#944] Clarify that sender does not send if sender.track is set to null.
    [#949] Give legacy callbacks RTCSessionDescriptionInit so they can
modify SDP.
    [#956] Add API for setting QoS priority of data channels.
    [#960] Allow replaceTrack(null)
    [#963] Split transceiver direction into "direction" and
    [#966] setParameters rejects with InvalidStateError if
transceiver.stopped is true.
    [#968] Add ufrag to IceCandidate and use IceCandidate for
    [#970] Clarify that setParameters cannot add or remove simulcast
    [#972, #973] Add generic Error Object that can hold detailed error
    [#936, #953, #967] Editorial: remove old in-spec issue text, update
JSEP references, update hold examples, fix section titles

Please review and provide feedback.

Dan (for the editors)

Received on Monday, 19 December 2016 20:04:11 UTC