[webrtc-stats] RTCPeerConnection.getStats: What do do with 'selector' argument?

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== RTCPeerConnection.getStats: What do do with 'selector' argument? ==
The description at 
 is poorly defined.

"Start gathering the stats indicated by selectorArg. If selectorArg is
 null, stats must be gathered for the whole RTCPeerConnection object."

This could mean just a single RTCMediaStreamTrackStats object or could
 mean it and any dictionary referencing it. If the idea is to 1) make 
it more lightweight and 2) limit the result so that it is easier to go
 through, questions arise: Does this API achieve this? Has it been 

Chrome's new getStats soon to be shipped does not make use of the 
selector argument, and it seems difficult to achieve 1) and 2).

Do we remove this or clarify its description? What if you're 
interested in other things that are not related to tracks? Would a 
different type of selector argument make more sense, such as 
dictionary IDs or types, should we replace it?

(Maybe this issue belongs to https://github.com/w3c/webrtc-pc/issues?)

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