[webrtc-pc] Need to specify what happens if `createDataChannel` is called with an invalid ID

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== Need to specify what happens if `createDataChannel` is called with 
an invalid ID ==
Currently, step 10 of `createDataChannel` instructs:

>  if the value of the id attribute is taken by an existing 
RTCDataChannel , throw a ResourceInUse exception and abort these 

However, there are situations where an id is unusable even though no 
existing `RTCDataChannel` with that ID exists. One unavoidable 
situation is when the requested ID is 65535 (the maximum value of a 
WebIDL `unsigned short`). This is also the maximum number of SCTP 
streams, which means the highest valid stream ID is 65534, since 
they're 0-based.

It's also possible for a WebRTC implementation to negotiate less than 
the maximum number of streams. Suppose 1000 streams are negotiated, 
and an application tries to create a data channel with stream ID 2000.
 When this happens, should an error be surfaced, or should the WebRTC 
implementation attempt to add 1001 additional streams using a 
RE-CONFIG message? If we prefer the latter, this behavior should 
probably be detailed in the rtcweb data channel spec.

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