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impact of bundle and retch-mux on the number of Transports

From: Alexandre GOUAILLARD <agouaillard@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 11:36:32 -0800
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I'm trying to draw what the pipeline would be in different cases, to make
it easier to understand, and I'm stuck in a few cases.

Let's suppose I have only one audio track.

1. If I (want to) use rtcp-mux,
  1.a will both the "transport" and "rtcpTransport" attributes of the
Sender point to the same object?
  1.b Will I have only one ice transport ?
  1.c if the answer to 2.b is Yes, what is the value of the "component"
attribute, RTP or RTCP?

Let's now suppose I have one audio and one video track.

2. if I (want to) use BUNDLE,
  2.a Do I need two transceiver / senders ?
  2.b Do all the senders.transport, respectively senders.rtcpTransport
point to the same DTLS transport.
  2.c will that be a unique DtlsTransport if I also use rtcp-mux?

Let's suppose I have only one audio track and one data channel.

3. If I create a transceiver, I will only have a sender and a receiver but
no sctp transport.
  3.a Must I create an additional sctp transport object?
  3.b What happen if I want to bundle and rtcp-mux all, should I re-use the
DTLS transport from the transceiver to have a unique one?
  3.c in that last case, how many ICE transport do I have ? (1, 2, or 3?)
  3.d as in 1.c, what will be the value of the "Component" for the ICE
trasnport(s) in this case?

Thanks in advance.


Alex. Gouaillard, PhD, PhD, MBA
Principal Architect - Citrix, San Francisco
President - CoSMo Software Consulting, Singapore

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