Short summary (including decisions made) of TPAC WebRTC Sessions


this is what we think are the main decisions made during the WebRTC 
sessions at TPAC (and this also gives an opportunity for you who were 
unable to attend to object):

- Simulcast will be pursued for 1.0 based on the Plan X proposal [1]. 
There will be some more discussion on exactly what knobs are available 
to the application to set

- IP Address leakage: The proposal in [2] was felt being a good starting 
point, and will be adopted as such. There are still more measurements to 
be made and more discussion regarding user prompting needed.

- offerToReceiveAudio/Video will be removed from RTCOfferOptions since 
the same functionality can be obtained by adding Transceivers before 
creating the offer

- The DataChannel will be made Transferable so it can be transferred to 
a WebWorker (per PR # 317) if this passes a security review to be done 
by EKR. Note that this is an exception to the policy announced after the 
Redmond f2f to not add functionality [5]. The reasons for making this 
exception include: a lot of developer requests for this feature, it 
being a rather small addition, and that at least one browser will 
implement this regardless.

- We will establish a mechanism for direct linkage between webrtc-1.0 
and sections in JSEP, and make a pass through webrtc-1.0 to make sure we 
have appropriate references to algorithms specified in JSEP.

We also went through the status regarding the things we decided to add 
as part of 1.0 in Redmond [5], and *all but one* addition had already 
been made (and there is good progress on the outstanding one). This is 
great progress, and we would like to thank all contributors that made 
this possible. Further below is a list of the PRs.

In addition to this there was a lot of discussion, and resolution of 
issues. Examples include (not a complete list) mid determination/change, 
m-line re-use, transceiver re-use, rollback, a-priori codec selection, 
interfaces vs. dictionaries. For the details we refer to the minutes 
[4], as well as to mail and github discussions. Looking at the agenda 
and presentations (linked from the agenda [3]) may also be of interest.

We’d like to thank everyone that participated and contributed to the 
meeting, and special thanks to the scribes.

Stefan for the chairs

PS We will follow up with proposals on how to move forward towards CR 
for 1.0 soon

List of additions agreed upon in Redmond for 1.0, with status
- PR270 ‘SCTPTransport object’: Merged
- PR280 ‘ ICE Transport more readonly info’: Merged
- PR273 ‘RTPSender more readonly info’: Merged
- PR291 ‘PC.connectionState’: Merged
- PR237->303 ‘ReplaceTrack’: Merged
- PR300 ‘CSRC and mixer client levels’: Merged
- PR284 ‘ICE errors’: Merged
- PR289 ‘ICE Pool size’: Merged
- PR298 ‘codec reordering post negotiation’: Merged
- PR293 ‘addMedia/Transceiver’: Merged
- PR269 ‘sender/receiver getCapabilities’: Merged
- PR for pre-negotiation codec selection. A PR existed but was withdrawn 
in wait for PR#293 to land (which has since happened)
- PR for pre-warming (based on Transceiver). Done (PR#293)
- PR to add text describing how the RTPReceiver deals with early media: 
Done (PR#293)
- Add getCapabilities to RTCRtpReceiver: Done (was already in the spec)
- Add fields to RTCIceCandidate: #325 Merged


[3] Agenda:
[4] Minutes:

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