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Summary, April 28 WEBRTC call

From: Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no>
Date: Sun, 03 May 2015 22:42:00 +0200
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The minutes from the meeting have been made available separately, but
here are the chairs’ high level impressions and action plans.


    There was a very strong consensus in the working group that the
    first thing we need to do is to finish the WebRTC 1.0 specification.


    There was a remarkably strong common desire to see the work beyond
    1.0 be a single work effort that is seen as the continuation of both
    the WEBRTC and ORTC activities.

That’s the good part.

We had significant dissonances over:


    Whether we should recharter now, or delay rechartering until we have
    a clearer sight of the goals.


    Whether mentioning ORTC in the form of a liaison relationship was
    appropriate or not


    In what ways aspects of the proposed charters involved “signing a
    blank check”

(After the call, it turned out that we also have dissonances over the
proposed mention of editors’ work methods in the new charter - but this
did not come up on-call).

There was consensus that words that seemed to imply joint control over
specifications between ORTC and WEBRTC were wrongly drafted; everyone
agreed that such a joint ownership was not appropriate.

As the call progressed, there seemed to be a convergence towards a
possible common stance, that comprises:


    We all expect work on a post-1.0 spec to be done in the WEBRTC
    working group. The ORTC community expects to merge with the WEBRTC
    community for this effort.


    In a charter update that mentions work beyond 1.0, we should
    describe what the work beyond 1.0 consists of. EKR’s proposal for
    such a description sent out the day before the meeting got a lot of
    positive comments, but also elicited requests for more time to review.


    Rushing out a charter update just because our old charter has run
    out is not a good thing; we should have the discussion first.

*The subsequent discussion has brought new aspects to light, and
clarified several positions, but the conclusions above still seem sound.*

The chairs will therefore ask for volunteers for a short-term task force
to work out a new charter, based on the ideas that have been put forward
in the discussion here, and present that charter draft to the community
in time to have a discussion about it before the current charter runs
out (currently June 30. 2015; it is possible to ask to have this time

*Harald and Stefan*


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