Survey on TR style sheets


There is an ongoing survey related to style sheets for W3C technical 
reports, and we think our group should provide an answer. Who would be 
interested in working with this? We do intend to ask the editors of 
documents, but anyone else interested is invited.

FYI, the survey is pasted at the end of this mail

Stefan for the chairs

" We are updating the style sheets for W3C technical reports.
    This year's styling project is minor improvements and cleanup,
    not major changes, so the look and feel will remain substantially 
the same.
    Also, please note that since the publication system work is ongoing,
    no markup will be harmed in the development of the 2016 style sheet.
    Given that, however, we hope to improve the quality and consistency
    of styles used across W3C.

    This survey must be completed by each working group on behalf of
    the members of that working group (i.e not only on behalf of the 

    1. What group are you answering on behalf of?

    2. Paste in URLs to a representative sample (1-3 links) of your specs.
       If styling differs substantially between /TR and your editor's 
       please link to both versions.

    3. What spec pre-processor(s) does your WG use?

    4. Paste in URLs to any WG-specific style sheets you use.

    5. What do you like about your current styles?

    6. What do you dislike about your current styles?

    7. Paste in URLs to any parts of your spec that are stylistically 
       or tricky, and we should therefore be careful not to screw up.

    8. The new styles will include rules for rendering data tables. These
       will be opt-in by class name, and rely heavily on good markup
       (use of THEAD, TBODY, COLGROUP, scope attributes, etc.).
       See examples [1][2][3].
       Paste in URLs to a sampling of any data tables you are using
       so that we can try to accommodate those in the styling, if practical.


    9. The CSSWG has made a number of minor improvements to the existing 
       styles, which we might just adopt wholesale. [4]
       Please comment on what you like/dislike about these styles,
       as demonstrated in the CSS3 Text Editor's Draft. [5]


    10. Is there anything else we should consider?"

Received on Thursday, 30 July 2015 08:25:58 UTC