RE: PR for adding RtpSender.transport, RtpReceiver.transport, RTCDtlsTransport, RTCIceTransport, etc

IMHO, it would make more sense to use an error event to convey information on errors, rather than adding error-related attributes to objects.
[Raju] I am ok with either approach.


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Hi Peter,
Thanks for the updates.


+          <dd>The transport has failed as the result of an error (such

+          as a failure to validate the remote fingerprint).</dd>

+        </dl>

+      </section>

Having a read-only attribute, to keep the failure code, from a list of predefined failure codes, associated to ‘failed’ state would help debugging and resolution of the failure.

In addition to that, I am wondering having another read-only attribute ‘infoString’, with even more details, which will help user/application understand the reason for DTLS failure.
The same attribute may be updated even during other states as the implementation see it fits.


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