Re: Removing syntaxerror for ice candidates

On 09/07/2015 10:47, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
>> * there is no definition of what it means for an ICE candidate to be
>> malformed (the RFC doesn't define such a term)
> I think you're right. Syntax errors should be caught when constructing
> the RTCIceCandidate from the string, not when pushing the
> RTCIceCandidate into the PC.
> But the error should be SyntaxError, and it should happen whenever the
> candidate doesn't conform to the IceCandidate ABNF in the RFC.

Note that the ABNF is a superset of what a meaninful candidate can be; 
in other words, there are plenty of room to write ABNF-compliant 
candidate parameters that can't be used in the end.

> Where is it appropriate to say that this is a requirement on the
> RTCIceCandidate constructor? (and is this indeed appropriate?)

I'd be OK with failing on construction, but I'm not sure what this would 
gain us?

>> * no browser seems to be doing this at the moment
> It definitely fails on adding to the PC, not on construction. (Chrome 43)

It does fail, but not with a SyntaxError (which is what I'm suggesting 
we remove).


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