Re: ICE exposes 'real' local IP to javascript

* Tim Panton wrote:
>I’ve been reading worried blogs that WEBRTC in browsers ‘leaks’ the local ‘real’ ip addresses to the javascript.
>The principle worriers are VPN users e.g <>
>The concern is that this can be done without user notification (DataChannel request) and might be used to 
>identify or finger-print users. Clearly the most vulnerable are Tor users who are on a real routeable IP address
>or directly on a carrier grade nat (eg android phones etc) where the IP may reveal the identity or location of the user.

If this actually allows random web sites to know that I am using the
addresses,, and (Ethernet,
Wifi, virtual machine) on this computer then that is pretty much like
broadcasting a device GUID and should concern everybody. I note that
some of the recent news coverage of this indicated that some major web
sites and services already use this to identify and track users.
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