Re: RTCDataChannel characteristics and failures -API description -

On 2014-08-26 23:53, Martin Thomson wrote:
> On 26 August 2014 14:42, Michael Tuexen
> <> wrote:
>>> These 10 retries will then be spread over about 500 seconds, but in a really bad network the watchdog will usually abort the Association well before that, right?
>> As far as I understand, ICE will kick in earlier...
> About 470 seconds earlier.  Though that only applies to a single path.
> There is always a chance to create a new path between the hosts and
> resume the association.
So, you expect that in most cases the retries for a reliable channel 
will spread over 30 seconds, and if still unsuccessful, the Association 
and all its channels will be aborted.
Can you explain how you got that 30 seconds figure?

I am not out for requiring improvements and tricks. I just think that 
there should be a sufficient level of descriptions in the specs so that 
designers know what factors they can design with.

For example, in order to tell how many retries or how long period to 
allow for the unreliable channels, it is of interest what values will be 
used for the reliable channels. Approximately.


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