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Question:  Is the current github repository still residing at  Looking at the pull requests there is only a single checkin since July, so I was wondering if the move to the w3c account was in progress (or had already occurred).

On 10 June 2014, Harald Alvestrand said:

WG and TF,

the editing team is proposing that we change the way we make versions of

our documents available.

The current way has been working reasonably well, but as we move into

the closing phases, we think that we can do better.

The steps we are intending to take are:

1) We will encourage the WG and TF to look at our github repositories at This means that you will be able

to look at documents while they are in flux, as patches are applied, and

- sometimes - look at proposed fixes as they are made, critiqued, and

then backed out again. Given what is there is in flux, we generally

appreciated bugs getting reported after they have shown up in a dated

version of the draft.

2) We'll switch from our current individual github repositories to using

repositories under the w3c account. This will make it clearer that the

ownership of the repository is W3C, and the working group, not

individual editors. We'll aim for having one repository per document.

3) We'll switch from using bugzilla for tracking edit suggestions to

using the github bug tracking system. This will allow us to integrate

bug reports with pull requests fixing the bugs, and hopefully make

closing bugs quicker and asier, with the flow being clearer to our users.

As a side effect, we'll define the time of a bug closing as the time the

fix is checked into github, not the time when the dated version with the

fix is pushed - as you can see, some of the editors are already doing

that; we expect them all to switch to that process soon.

We intend to continue producing dated versions of drafts - these are the

drafts where our editors have done at least a quick read-through to make

sure that the document hangs together in a consistent way, and that no

sections have been inadvertently deleted and so on. These are useful as

milestones, and as fixed reference points to file bugs against. But the

day-to-day process will be done in terms of github commits.

We are doing step 1 now, as of this announcement, and are discussing

step 2 with W3C staff. Step 3 will be done somewhat later - probably

around the time of W3 Last Call for getusermedia, since presumably a

number of bugs will have been closed by that time.

Harald and Stefan

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