Re: iceTransports=relay - use vs gather

Am 18.10.2014 20:03, schrieb Justin Uberti:
> I think the text just needs to say "The ICE engine must only use media
> relay candidates as its local candidates." The remote candidates can be
> anything, but this isn't clear from the text.

Well, it should not gather host or srflx candidates in the sense of 
binding sockets to avoid leaking prflx candidates as Emil pointed out to 
me off-list.

Probably the text also needs to say that the rel-addr+rel port of relay 
candidates should be set to a bogus address. Might belong into JSEP though.

> I think this is what Philipp is trying to say, but use vs gather is
> confusing, as Emil points out.

While I think "gather" is clear enough, less ambiguity doesn't hurt :-)

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