Re: New editor's draft (v20140321)

On 2014-03-24 19:31, Michael Tuexen wrote:
>>> Data channels still have an Attribute called 'maxRetransmitTime', limiting the
>>> >>time for retransmissions (only). Is this intentionally?
>>> >>If you really want to limit the time for retransmissions only and not the lifetime
>>> >>of the message, than we need to define a corresponding PR-SCTP policy for that.
>>> >>Up to now I assumed that you want to limit the lifetime of the user message...
>> >
>> >The intention was to expose the control knob that the existing SCTP API exposes, not to define anything new. Can you suggest a text update to make this clear?
> Sure, I did that already end of January, therefore I wasn't sure if it was
> just forgotten or rejected on purpose.

I think it was an action on me, but I forgot to include it in this 
release. I'll assign the newly created bug to myself.


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