Re: Improvements suggestion for DataChannels

On 4 March 2014 08:57, Adam Bergkvist <> wrote:
> I agree that what you describe is totally normal. The thing I was referring
> to was the conditional side effect of close(). That the channel should be
> removed from the PeerConnection's channel list if it was never accessed via
> that list, otherwise not. That may have been a misunderstanding from my side
> btw.

I don't think that this needs to be conditional in that way.  You can
break the links, or not, but there is no need to do so conditionally.
I am perfectly happy with the behaviour regarding these collections
after close() to be undefined in spec.

On the one hand, you can just close the connection and render it
impotent.  Channels already created would still be accessible, but

On the other hand, you could also flush the collection to prevent
later access to channels (of those that the application doesn't
already have a saved reference).

Seems like unimportant detail to me.

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