RE: Proposal: Fire a toneDiscarded event while discarding the invalid DTMF values.

> On 13/06/14 10:00, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
> > On 06/13/2014 07:47 AM, Justin Uberti wrote:
> >> Passing in a bad string of tones seems like a programming error, and
> >> we should throw an exception immediately.
> +1
> >>
> >
> > are you suggesting that all apps should be required to know how to strip
> > +1 (707) 344-4489 to 17073444489, or are you suggesting a more complex
> IMO it should be required to know how to strip.

[Raju] IMO, insertDTMF() API ignoring standard well-known phone numbers format separators (for readability) is probably better. These include "+-.()". This behavior makes webrtc consistent existing systems where these are mostly ignored. This also makes it consistent with webrtc handling of "," even though it is not a DTMF symbol. These separators are documented in . This RFC uses 'p' for pause instead of ','. I think ',' is widely accepted and is ok for webrtc use.

I also agree with the comment that every app writing code to parse and remove these very common separators is un-necessary and may give bad taste for the API.


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