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[Bug 25975] When do the value of DTMFSender.canInsertDTMF can change.

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Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 09:41:32 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Kiran <kiran.guduru@samsung.com> ---
(In reply to Harald Alvestrand from comment #2)
> The canInsertDTMF should change when the codecs available change (the DTMF
> codec is added or removed). It will be false before negotiation is
> completed, may be true after that, and may change later in response to
> negotiation.

> I think enabled, disabled and ended are irrelevant; they no more change the
> ability to send DTMF than muting the track prevent you from whistling into
> the microphone - they just change whether or not the signal you're
> generating gets there, and you have existing APIs to check that.

This is a bit confusing.
According to Media Capture spec, MediaStreamTrack.stop() or any other event
that makes a track to stop should detach the source.
In case of DTMF, "tones" of insertDTMF is the source for track. So, I felt we
should stop inserting DTMF tones into the track that was stopped through tracks

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