Re: non-normative sections using RTCSessionDescription

On 2014-02-06 01:17, Paul Ellenbogen wrote:
> The specification defines the constructor of RTCSessionDescription
> <> as taking a
> single RTCSessionDescriptionInit dictionary object as an argument. The
> dictionary has the keys "type" and "sdp".
> In two of the non-normative sections which create RTCSessionDescription
> objects, a single "sdp" string is passed as an argument. Example 4 in
> section 13.1 <>
> does this. Example 6 in section 13.3
> <> does this.
> It seems like these sections should be updated to reflect the changes to
> RTCSessionDescription constructor specification.


Thanks for reviewing the spec.

message.sdp is actually an object since message is the result of doing 
JSON.parse() on

 From example:
var message = JSON.parse(;
if (message.sdp)
   pc.setRemoteDescription(new RTCSessionDescription(message.sdp), ...


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