Re: Transport control API

On 12/09/2013 3:11 AM, Stefan Håkansson LK wrote:
> On 2013-09-11 23:03, cowwoc wrote:
>> Stefan,
>>        Duly noted, but I'm sure I'll have anything to add in this list.
>> They seem to be discussing very low-level details and all I'm saying is
>> that (at a high-level) our goal should be to ramp up much faster.
>>        Where do I request that WebRTC 1.0's goal should be to ramp up to
>> 1080p within (say) 10 seconds? I just want that noted somewhere, but I
>> won't be the one to champion the actual technical details. I assume
>> whoever is technically knowledgeable in this area can then bring up
>> these requirements at IETF RMCAT and evaluate proposals.
> I think you should forward this to the RMCAT group. There is a
> requirement document developed by that group [1], and it in fact brings
> up initial ramp up in requirement 10, but I'm sure they would welcome
> more input.
> [1]

     Done. Thank you for pointing out requirement 10. I took this topic 
to their list.


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