[Bug 15861] API for JS interaction with congestion control


--- Comment #13 from Kiran <g.kiranreddy4u@gmail.com> ---
1. I have raised this proposal, as an addition to callbacks raised by Gili, to
avoid congestion of callbacks. If required (based on the suggestions) I am
ready to propose it in a new thread for discussing it in webrtc-mailing lists.

2. IMHO, there should be two default values, one for minimum and the other for
maximum. (To avoid the abnormal/unusual values, for both minimum
bandwidth/bitrate and maximum bandwidth/bitrate).

Analysing this further more, timers should behave like this.

#. First it should wait for the specified time before firing the first call

#. If browser fired a callback and still, if there is no action/response from
the application, it should continue to send callbacks after that specified

#. Either if the state becomes proper before firing the callback (for some
specific time), or if the browser receives the action response from the
application, then there should not be any callback.

Regarding "Add timeout property" or "TimedMinMaxConstraint" -- can you please
explain this more in brief.

(In reply to comment #10)
> (In reply to comment #8)
> > But timer for these constraints were not specified anywhere in the spec.
> > We had a discussion some time back on the same regarding the importance of
> > timers [1], and folks agreed on it too [2].
> Do we have a concrete proposal on this?
> A few of our options (from the top of my head):
> * Define a browser default timeout.
> * Add a timeout property to MinMaxConstraint (if we want to keep the type
> without a timer as well we could derive a new type TimedMinMaxConstraint)

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