Re: Is onsignalingstatechange synchronous?

On 2013-05-11 16:35, Jan-Ivar Bruaroey wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I'm trying to recall if the point of the Boston interim rename of the
> signalingState states ("have-local-offer" etc.) was about simplifying
> the async question and merely fire onsignalingstatechange synchronously
> on function entry of functions like SetLocalDescription? I seem to read
> that into the language of the spec now as well, but it is not clear
> about it:
> explains "have-local-offer" this way:
>    "A local description, of type "offer", has been supplied."
> What is the definition of "has been supplied" here?
> says:
>    "This event handler, of event handler event type
> signalingstatechange, MUST be supported by all objects implementing the
> RTCPeerConnection interface. It is called any time the readyState
> changes, i.e., from a call to setLocalDescription, a call to
> setRemoteDescription, or code. It does not fire for the initial state
> change into new."
> When does a state "change, from a call to to setLocalDescription" et al. ?

This is described in detail by the set local/remote processing model 
[1]. It says that the signalingstatechange event should be fired in a 
task that is queued.



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