Stats interface - possible change in WebIDL documentation format

(Theory-laden subject ahead... this should affect our WebIDL, but not 
our Javascript. People who only care about the Javascript can skip this.)

In an unrelated discussion this month, I learned something I hadn't 
really considered before:

In a dictionary, all members are by definition optional.

This affects the stats interface specification. Currently we have:

interface RTCStatsReport {
     getter RTCStats (DOMString id);

dictionary RTCStats {
     DOMHiResTimeStamp timestamp;
     RTCStatsType      type;
     DOMString         id;

And then all the other RTCStats objects are defined as subtypes of this 

But - timestamp, type and id are NOT intended to be optional. Thus, the 
IDL does not provide the maximum amount of information to the user.

One suggested approach, keeping the dictionaries for the rest of the 
stuff, would be:

interface RTCStats {
     DOMHiResTimeStamp timestamp;
     RTCStatsType      type;
     DOMString         id;
     getter Any(DOMString id);

// Empty dictionary to serve as the base for further dictionaries
dictionary RTCStatsBase {

with the comment "The id argument to the RTCStats getter is constrained 
to be a valid member of the RTCStatsBase dictionary or a subtype thereof".

Question to the group:

- Does anyone care?
- Does the proposed solution make sense (both as WebIDL and as 


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