February Interim registration and logistics

We're pleased to host the upcoming interim meetings of IETF RTCWeb, IETF MMUSIC, W3C WebRTC and W3C Media Capture groups, on February 5-7, 2013, at our Corporate Galactic Headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts. 

Please register at the following page if you plan to attend:

The logistics/venue info page is here:

You should NOT register if you're only going to attend remotely.  Details for remote participation will be sent out later on the relevant mailing lists.

We hope to see you here!
And bring warm clothing - it's slightly chilly. ;)


p.s. We've tested the registration page on several browsers and it works generally, except for on Lynx, Links, or Elinks. (Lynx and Links because they don't support Javascript, but why it doesn't work on Elinks w/SpiderMonkey I haven't looked into)  The logistics page seems to work on all browsers. 

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