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Proposed interim agenda

From: Eric Rescorla <ekr@rtfm.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 09:02:46 -0800
Message-ID: <CABcZeBPD-UiePyArdM3pvFau1h3uc1YJfuAY0TRFJc36ZpHR8A@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-webrtc@w3.org, public-media-capture@w3.org

Following on my proposed RTCWEB agenda, I've been doing some thinking
about the WebRTC agenda as well. Given the recent activity on gUM and
the size of the various proposed architectural changes, I think we
should spend a lot of time (maybe 50%+) on that, with the balance
spent trying to resolve specific blocking questions on WebRTC.

This is rather more than Stefan had suggested in his message of
December 17th, but when I look at where the implementations are and
the state of the specs, it looks to me like we can actually get gUM
finished now and that will bring a lot of implementation stability,
where we know that WebRTC isn't going to be totally nailed down for a
while. Not uncoincidentally, at least this is what works best for
Mozilla's schedule. I can't speak for others.

Accordingly, here's what I suggest (based on a 4 hour session).

Hope this helps.

Day 1:  API Style
0:30    Overview, hunt for scribe, etc. [chairs]
1:00    gUM: Overall API style (sync, async.) [Thomson]

Objective: get decided.
1:00    gUM: Error reporting  [??]

Objective: get decided.

0:30    gUM: Device enumeration [Thomson]


Objective: decide on direction

1:00    Settings API part I (overall style)   [Leithead]

Objective: determine if this is how we want things to look
overall. Especially relationship to constraints.

Day 2:  API Details: Part I
1:30    Settings API part II (detailed settings)  [Leithead, Jennings]

Objective: Work through each setting and determine:

(a) Is this an appropriate setting?
 (b) Is this an appropriate defn. for the setting?

Note: Jennings is here because he objected on the list to some
 of the details.

0:30    gUM + Identity [Rescorla, Thomson]
Open issues with proposal from last F2F
 [EKR to produce a writeup shortly]

1:00    Recording API open issues [Barnett]


1:00    WebRTC: what are the media stream mapping expectations? [Jennings
 - How much are the sender's streams reflected on the receiver?
- What indicator (if any) from the sender is reflected in the SDP?
 - What are the implications in terms of media (especially
  + Separate tracks in the same stream
  + Separate streams
  + What about stream merging?
         Note: this topic should go before the corresponding topic in
so may need to juggle agenda

Day 2:   API Details: Part II

1:30    WebRTC: accepting and rejecting streams [??]
 - Can I indicate as answerer not to negotiate a stream?
  (at SetRemote)?

- How do I reject a stream I don't like
  + At CreateAnswer?
  + With a stream operation

- Can I reject tracks not streams?
 - Can I apply individual preferences/constraints to streams?

Note: will try to produce a message to the list describing these

0:30    Session version and trickle ICE [Roach]

Objective: resolve this issue.

0:30    DTMF [Alvestrand]

Objective: get this finished

1:00    Stats [Alvestrand]

Objective: is this the right style?

0:30    Wrapup/next steps [Chairs]

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