Re: [Bug 20816] "Hold" unspecified

On 04/19/2013 05:32 PM, Randell Jesup wrote:
> I would suggest that we avoid the term "hold" - it's too loose, too 
> many definitions (contradictory ones).
> We need:
> 1) Mute (on a track level)
> (optionally) Mute on a stream level (Mute all tracks)
> (where "Mute" means replace with silence/black)
> 2) Replace track with other media (muzak, slate, etc)

Nit: The concept of "replace" is not well defined. In particular - when 
one removes one audio track from a MediaStream, and adds another audio 
track, has one replaced that audio track?

I'd like to not use the "replace" word, and just talk about adding and 
removing tracks in a MediaStream.

> 3) change directionality of a stream
>      sendonly, sendrecv, recvonly

This requires the manipulation of an object that does not have explicit 
representation at the current API surface.
Please, please, please don't use the word "stream" for it. Even "RTP 
media stream" or (shudder) "M-line" is better than an unadorned "stream".

> 4) notification of directionality changes
> From those, an application can compose whatever they want.
> Inaki's example is a combination of 1) and 3)
> My example (classic "business/pbx hold") is 2) (and unconnecting the 
> incoming stream from the media elements, or muting the media elements)

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