Set PeerConnection streams API as an extension

Reading the specification, I have seen that the audio & video stream
has a "privileged" status being  defined their API directly on the
PeerConnection one, while DataChannel, DMTF, statistics and identity
APIs are specified as a "PeerConnection extension". I propose for
homogeneity to set the PeerConnection specification to their basic
functionality removing and setting in an independent section the next
methods and their related issues:

    sequence<MediaStream> getLocalStreams ();
    sequence<MediaStream> getRemoteStreams ();
    MediaStream?          getStreamById (DOMString streamId);
    void                  addStream (MediaStream stream, optional
MediaConstraints constraints);
    void                  removeStream (MediaStream stream);

                attribute EventHandler          onaddstream;
                attribute EventHandler          onremovestream;

They could be included and defined in the section "9. Media Stream API
Extensions for Network Use".

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Received on Sunday, 14 April 2013 20:15:19 UTC