Re: [rtcweb] DataChannels API and external negotiation

On 4/10/2013 9:34 AM, MARCON, JEROME (JEROME) wrote:
> Randell,
> What about data channel priority ?

Excellent point, and an oversight (mostly because I don't have a 
mechanism to implement it yet).

This being a dictionary, it's easy to add options.   Also, in response 
to Martin I'm going to update the partial-reliability options to be 
unsigned long, not unsigned short.

In addition to relative priority, there's also the question of how to 
prioritize DataChannels in general versus media channels.  I'm open to 
API suggestions for that (and we may need a temporary way to handle 
limiting DataChannels from badly affecting media traffic - when there is 
media traffic).  My presentation from IETF Taipei goes into some of the 
options in general (not API).

Randell Jesup

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