RE: Notify when connection was not possible because firewall issues

I raised a question relating to this some time ago but got no responses on the list.

Personally I think the application needs more feedback from the browser on exactly what is going wrong for example if the browser has been configured with a network specific TURN server address which is not responding or rejecting requests then it would be good if the application could inform the user that they have a local configuration issue and may need to contact their network admin rather than the service provider.

I could add some requirements on this in to our IETF firewall considerations draft ( but not sure this is the right place to be discussing API requirements.


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This will be communicated by an iceConnectionState change to "failed". I think there is an open bug in the Chrome WebRTC tracker for this.

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On 08/04/2013 8:47 AM,<> wrote:
I have find the problem to not be able to connect using PeerConnection
because I was using a STUN server instead of a TURN one. It would be
nice (if possible) to add on the specification an error messages when
trying to do a connection with a STUN server when both peers are
behind symetric firewalls instead of silently ignore it, because it's
not an evident bug and would be nice to notify to the user of this
problem, too.

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+1. Silent or vague errors must go :)


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