sendonly streams in the offer


I would like to ask one question regarding starting the session as
In the offer I was setting OfferToReceiveVideo to false (it is true for
then I was checking the outgoing sdp but I was seeing the m=video line as
sendrecv, I was expecting to see as sendonly according to your spec and sdp

This is an enum type constraint that can take the values "true" and
"false". The default is a non mandatory "true" for an
RTCPeerConnection object that has a video stream at the point in time
when the constraints are being evaluated and is non mandatory "false"

In some cases, an RTCPeerConnection may wish to receive video but not
send any video. The RTCPeerConnection needs to know if it should
signal to the remote side whether it wishes to receive video or not.
This constraint allows an application to indicate its preferences for
receiving video when creating an offer.

this is some info from RFC 3264 :

5.1 Unicast Streams

   If the offerer wishes to only send media on a stream to its peer, it
   MUST mark the stream as sendonly with the "a=sendonly" attribute.

I have asked this issue to google developpers, but  was informed that
it is not clear and suggested to ask this question to you.

Could you please inform me what would the correct behaviour be in such case?

PS : this is the issue created within google's issue tracker :



Received on Tuesday, 2 April 2013 07:41:54 UTC