Re: Client/server (non-p2p) video

Hi Randell,

     Source-code aside, can you discuss:

 1. How to use gateway as an intermediary for N-party video chat
 2. How to record video that passes through it?

     I think we need to make sure that it's possible to implement these 
use-cases using the specification, and ideally discuss them (at a high 
level) in the specification document.

     For #1 I'm guessing I'm supposed to use the native WebRTC bindings 
to have the gateway act as a WebRTC peer but it's not clear what to do 
once I'm connected. Am I supposed to do the following? Every time 
onaddstream() is fired, invoke PeerConnection.addStream(foo) for every 
connection except the one that added the stream (where "foo" is equal to 
the stream passed into onaddstream)?

     For #2, I'm not sure how to save the inbound MediaStream into a 
file on disk.

     If the native WebRTC binding is out-of-scope for this mailing list, 
does it make sense to interact with the JS binding from within a Java 
server? If so, what JS calls should I be looking at?


On 01/04/2013 7:35 AM, Randell Jesup wrote:
> On 4/1/2013 5:10 AM, Michael Heuberger wrote:
>> Hi Alexey
>> Can you show me some working code?
>> How do you open a PeerConnection in JavaScript? How do you pack the 
>> bytestream into DTLS-sRTP? All that in node.js would be cool.
> This list is primarily for discussing specification issues for WebRTC; 
> you probably should be using direct email or move usage discussion to 
> discuss-webrtc@googlegroups.  Thanks.

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