Re: User media constraint: peerIdentity

On 10/25/2012 05:54 PM, Timothy B. Terriberry wrote:
> Harald Alvestrand wrote:
>> I think the input -> display path should always be possible, no matter
>> what the taints are - just like the <video> tag can display any incoming
>> stream on the screen, no matter how tainted (I believe).
>> However, if you like telecommuting in black & white, and go input -> JS
>> decolorizer -> display, this would not work with tainted streams.
> The bigger problem, to my mind, is that it is now impossible to 
> implement a level meter for the audio, so that people can check their 
> mic. We can still provide one in browser chrome in gUM, but not after 
> permission has been granted.
yes, it's now impossible to get an audio volume meter by channeling the 
audio into the WebAudio API.

If we implement an "audio volume" statistic via the stats API, which has 
been suggested, there is an alternate path; I don't think statistics are 
prohibited for tainted media.

(and yes, this is a workaround, and we have to add a workaround for 
every issue we come up with with tainted streams, and it will all mean 
that working with tainted streams is fundamentally harder for the app 
implementor, the browser implementor and the standards bodies. You pay 
for security. Always.)

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