Re: DTMF - the "Object Oriented" approach

On 2012-11-14 15:46, Harald Alvestrand wrote:
> Takeaways from Lyon were that:
> - Executing DTMF needs reference to an audio track (to know where to
> send the data) and to a PeerConnection (to know that we've successfully
> negotiated use of the DTMF codec).
> - The WG preferred an "object oriented" model: creating a DTMF handler
> object, rather than the "fortran" approach of having all functions
> directly on the PeerConnection.
> Suggested edits, delta from the October 19 version of the spec:
> - In section 8.4, rename AudioMediaStreamTrack to
> DTMFSendingMediaStreamTrack.
> Add the following text:
> A RTCDTMFSendingMediaStreamTrack is created by calling the
> createDTMFSender() method on a PeerConnection. This constructs an object
> that decorates a MediaStreamTrack with the functions required to send DTMF.
> - In section 4.3.2, add the function
> RTCDTMFSendingMediaStreamTrack createDTMFSender(MediaStreamTrack track);
> - In section, add the paragraph
> createDTMFSender
> The createDTMFSender() creates an RTCDTMFSendingMediaStreamTrack that
> references the given MediaStreamTrack. The MediaStreamTrack MUST be an
> element of a MediaStream that's currently in the PC's localStreams
> attribute; if not, throw an Illegal Argument Exception. [NOTE - get
> correct name for exception before inserting]

The prefix (RTCDTMF) it's pretty nasty, but I guess consistency has 
precedence in this case.

Is the intention that the decorated track needs to be added back into 
the MediaStream where the original track came from?


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