Re: Draft of alternative JSEP API proposal


Thanks for your questions.

On 03/27/2012 04:00 AM, Li Li wrote:
> - Introduce a PeerConnection id that's included in every signaling
> message to distinguish a locally produced signaling message from a
> remotely produced one. (Section 4)
> For the browser to
> know if an offer or answer was created locally, each PeerConnection
> instance is assigned an internal unique identifier that is also included
> in the signaling message header (#1 above).
> Adam,
> Thanks for the proposal. The above paragraphs suggest that the id has
> two purposes:
> 1)to distinguish a local offer/answer from a remote one;
> 2)to distinguish each PeerConnection object;
> Could you elaborate on the format of the id, and how 1) is achieved
> based on the format?

The format of the id is currently the same as for MediaStream labels 
(basically a UUID string) [1].

1) is done by comparing the id of the signaling message being processed 
with the id of the PeerConnection object that's processing the message. 
If the ids are equal, then the message is of local origin, otherwise 
it's a remotely produced message.

> Why do we need to support 2) as well?

I would say that 1) is the only purpose I intended. If we exposed the id 
as an JavaScript attribute it could be used to distinguish between 
different PeerConnection instances in a page, but I don't see a need for 
that at the moment.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.



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