Open actions on the action tracker

Just to dump this on the whole WG:

There are 13 open actions.
↓ID ↓State Title ↓Person ↓Due Date Associated with
[ ] ACTION-11 (edit) open Add Hints API to API spec Daniel Burnett 
[ ] ACTION-12 (edit) open Add Stats API to API spec Daniel Burnett 
[ ] ACTION-13 (edit) open Add Capabilities API to API spec Daniel 
Burnett 2011-12-12
[ ] ACTION-15 (edit) open Look into mechanisms to handle incoming 
notifications, and report to WG Dan
Druta 2011-11-16
[ ] ACTION-16 (edit) open Propose how to tie into identity frameworks 
for comms partner verification Eric
Rescorla 2012-01-12
[ ] ACTION-18 (edit) open Contact Web and TV/Media TF to understand if 
their reqs and views of
MediaStreams and Tracks is similar Stefan Håkansson 2011-11-16
[ ] ACTION-21 (edit) open Ensure that Randell get the echo cancellation 
into the spec Stefan Håkansson
[ ] ACTION-25 (edit) open Action Travis to Draft a setup of initial 
requirements based on the WebRTC and
the Scenarios document Harald Alvestrand 2012-03-06
[ ] ACTION-28 (edit) open Create a doodle for the next Media TF meeting 
Harald Alvestrand 2012-03-06
[ ] ACTION-29 (edit) open Change all numeric constants to be enumerated 
strings Daniel Burnett 2012-04-01
[ ] ACTION-30 (edit) open Create a spec fork with JSEP in it Cullen 
Jennings 2012-03-13
[ ] ACTION-31 (edit) open Add Data API to spec Adam Bergkvist 2012-03-12
[ ] ACTION-32 (edit) open Contact webapps regarding push and 
notifications, saying it is important for
webrtc and ask for webapps' plans Stefan Håkansson 2012-03-13

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