Agree with Matthew. We don't need to revisit this issue, we just need to
figure out where the definition of AudioMediaStreamTrack should live.

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 7:27 AM, Matthew Kaufman

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> Tim Panton []:
> > All legacy signalling protocols I can think of have the ability to carry
> DTMF. Why do we want to make this a media
> > issue ?
> > Can't we just say it is out of scope an let the application's selected
> signalling deal with it?
> No. This was discussed to death months ago on the IETF side. There are a
> large number of legacy devices that require that the DTMF events appear in
> the media, not signaling, stream. Requiring gateway of media, particularly
> secure media, just to mix in DTMF events is unacceptable.
> Matthew Kaufman

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