Summary of desired spec updates (Was: summary of some ongoing discussions)

I've tried to summarize all of these changes and the discussions of the
 past few weeks into a concrete proposal for an updated API. This proposal
is attached, and is also available at

Summary below.


*The following changes have been made based on the consensus summarized in, namely:

   - Addition of RTC prefix to WebRTC-specific types to avoid namespace
   - Addition of async callbacks to indicate result of
   SetLocalDescription/SetRemoteDescription APIs
   - New state names and explicit state diagram set for PeerState/IceState

In addition, the following changes were made based on discussions from the
interim meeting and list feedback:

   - Definition added for RTCIceServer and RTCIceServers
   - Type field moved to SessionDescription object (and removed from
   - Unnecessary callbacks (onconnecting, onopened) removed
   - createProvisionalAnswer and restartIce parameters removed (now done
   via constraints)
   - Addition of "int mediaIndex" parameter to RTCIceCandidate, to provide
   a simpler matching of IceCandidate to m-line index

Other notes:

   - RTCSessionDescription and RTCIceCandidate remain as objects, not
   dictionaries; since this is the way things currently are, we opted not to
   change it.
   - MediaConstraints are used everywhere, instead of settings
   dictionaries, as it was made fairly clear that we would end up needing the
   same sort of constraints behavior from settings dictionaries. We do need to
   indicate in the documentation which constraints are valid for which API


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