RE: some comments on editor's draft

Dear editors,

As we were reading the editor's draft [1], we made notes on 58 comments/suggestions about the organization and presentation of the spec (as well as grammatical and spelling errors). A copy of a noted spec draft is included for your information.

Some suggestions are:

*         We need to clarify the scope of the API better.

*         A terminology section could be added to make the terms consistent in the spec.

*         A top-down presentation style for all the interfaces would be easier to follow than current mixed styles.

*         Add a section for Security Considerations

The detail comments can be found at [2] - it seems the mailing list does not accept HTML attachment so we tried the Google site instead.

Thanks for your consideration.

Li Li, Wu Chou


Received on Tuesday, 3 July 2012 15:12:13 UTC