New mailing list: test suites


During our previous F2F meeting [1], I presented a few high-level slides
on how we should approach the development of test suites in our work:

Based on further discussions with the slides and some of the folks
involved in testing WebRTC for Chrome, I have created a new mailing list
that will be dedicated to discussions around testing for WebRTC, named (cc'd here), publicly archived at:

You can subscribe to the list by sending a mail to with "subscribe" in the subject.

The purpose of this separate list is to make it possible for people that
only want to deal with testing to not have to filter out the other
messages on the general WebRTC mailing list.

Please make sure that others in your organizations that are also dealing
with testing for WebRTC (or will be doing so) are aware of that list.




Received on Monday, 2 July 2012 13:07:59 UTC