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Hi Cullen,

Have you thought about hints related to media multiplexing?



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Subject: Proposal for Hints Information 

Here is a rough sketch of the information I think we likely need in the Hints API. Note all of these are hints and can be ignored. 

For Video: ----------------------------

min / max height 

min / max width 

aspect ratio 

min / max frame rate 

codingPreference - enum with values "detail" "action". This provides a hint of it the video coder should prefer to put bits into temporal or spacial resolution. It could use a better name but I'm trying to pick values where they both are appealing to web developers and do not seem like one is better than other. For example, if we called these "goodDetail" and "badDetail", I doubt badDetail would be used as often as it should. 

preferredCamera - enum of front, back, left, right, middle, presentation, speaker, whiteboard

interactive: boolean indicating if this is for an interactive session or not. This would imply the browser would favor lower latency and shooter GOP sequence 

For audio: ------------------------------

maxChannels - integer. 1 indicates mono, 2 stereo, and so on. 

codingPreference - enum of "music", "speech", "scientific" - Music implies very trying to select a codec that can represent most things we hear. Speech implies this is human speech from mostly one speaker at a time. Scientific means we want to process this in ways beyond what the human ear does and prefer as faithful a reproduction as the original waveform as possible. 

interactive: boolean indicating if this is for an interactive session or not. This would indicate the browser should try and do echo cancelation 
disableAudioFiltering - boolean to disable VAD and other noise processing needed E911 

useHeadsetInput - boolean

useHaedsetOutput - boolean 

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