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[Bug 18485] Change DTMF API to be on PeerConnection

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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 08:38:15 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no> 2012-08-15 08:38:15 UTC ---
Based on further discussion, a need has been identified to play back tones in
synchronity with the DTMF signals going out. This functionality removes the
need for the ability to play out tones on local streams only, since it solves
the use case that was intended for. The interface should then become:

pc.sendDTMF(MediaStreamTrack outTrack, tones, duration, optional
MediaStreamTrack localTrack)

with the handling rule being:

1) If the outTrack argument to sendDTMF is not an audio track connected to this
PeerConnection on an outgoing SSRC where use of RFC 4733 DTMF has been
negotiated, throw a <ArgumentError?> exception.
2) Simultaneously do the following:
- Send the tones using RFC 4733 signalling on the outTrack
- If the localTrack is specified, play out an appropriate audio feedback signal
using this track, making sure that sound from localTrack does not feed back
into outTrack.

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