Re: Data API symmetry

Harald Alvestrand wrote:
> This line from case B #2 made me have an opinion.
> On 04/25/2012 04:04 PM, Adam Bergkvist wrote:
>> viaWebServer.send("setup extra channel");
> I am not happy with interfaces that necessitate going through the server
> to set up channels.

Also, my first thought (before reading Adam's code) about how to do this 
would be that both sides would open up a channel named "control", and 
then pass messages through that to say what they wanted the other side 
to open... but that sounded like what we were already doing with SCTP 
stream 0. Except now every user has to do it in their JS without any 
benefits of standardization. And I think it adds at least one RTT.

But at least it wouldn't go through the server.

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