Re: Proposal for API for Data

On 04/10/2012 06:09 AM, snandaku wrote:
> I am curious of a use-case where I want my RDP Stream or something like that
> be sent in the data-channel for showing my remote desktop or remote
> application along with video of the remote caller .... [chromoting + video
> call ]
> For scenarios like this , Mute, tracks, low-latency flow of data for screen
> updates and implementation similar to media flow makes more sense .. Keeping
> the semantics generic is the way to go since a this point we don't know all
> the different use-cases
I'd differ ... keeping the semantics unspecified (another, but less 
savory term for "generic") practically guarantees that they will either 
be unimplemented or implemented inconsistently. If we can't define the 
semantics of an operation in such a way that implementations will 
interoperate (as in "one application can run in multiple browsers"), we 
should not specify it at all.


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